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"Music is the way of life, without music, life would be empty and dry"

The world was once in a state of peace and harmony, until the inevitable happened

A curse that has been buried, sleeping throughout the ages, that is, when it awoken from its slumber, releasing darkness and the cursed music brought personified undead notes to life.

When hope seems lost, beacons of light suddenly burst throughout the world, for those are the chosen ones, musicians, who has been gifted with the legendary instruments, they are the "Beat Warriors"

We will cleanse the world of its darkness and kill its source -I am Alpha, and I am a beat warrior

-===============DESCRIPTION===============- Beat Warriors is a combination of two genres of games that don't seem to fit well, Rhythm Games and Infinite Runner Go into an infinite killing spree taking down the cursed notes one by one with the legendary guitar Alpha, that is, until you die, so better be prepared and be alert

Recommended to use Headphones DISCLAIMER: Beat Warriors' performance depends on your PC so take caution of that, it is very prone to lag spikes and slowdowns

Thank you to everyone, and this is a very good first time experience for me finally joining Ludum Dare!



Beat Warriors.zip 14 MB